YESS Lightning


Remarkable luminous phenomena, just like the innovations of the company Yess Lightning

The company YESS Lightning was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from companies that have been producing road markings and coatings for years, producing photoluminescent and electroluminescent pigments and trading them on a global scale.


The name YESS is short for Young Entrepreneurs Smart Solutions and refers to the initiators of the company. The name Lightning is a bright reference to remarkable light phenomena and the journey through unknown scientific challenges such as the use of energy and physical effects used within the electroluminescent innovation goals of YESS Lightning.


The company was invited in 2016 to participate in the Accelerator Program of the Brightlands Innovation Factory with electroluminescent applications for infrastructure, safety and energy.


YESS Lightning is therefore located in the heart of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen, an open innovation community where innovative entrepreneurs, talented researchers and promising students work every day on international breakthroughs in the field of sustainability, health and digitization.


YESS Lightning’s patented light guiding system YSM® interfaces with all of these areas, which makes sense that almost all collaborating partners are on the campus. For example, there is a nice cooperation agreement with CHILL, which contributes with their labs to research and development.



Business Development

Business Compliance

Hardware/Software Engineering



Industrial Design